Solar Inverter

      48v 5000VA solar inverter

      Item No.: FL-IVP5048-5000VA

      • Bypass charging function,AC charge available When the unit off.
      • 90-280V AC Widely input voltage.
      • Grid electricity and battery power priority is optional.
      • Higher charge current and adjustable
      • Communicate with our MPPT charge controller.
      • Intelligent protection, higher class of security.


        Line Mode Specification
         Model  FL-IVPL2512-2500VA FL-IVPL3524-3500VA FL-IVPL5048-5000VA FL-IVPL7548-7500VA FL-IVP10048-10000VA
         Input Voltage Waveform Pure Sine Wave (Utility or Generator)
         Nominal Input Voltage 110V-120V / 220V- 240V
         Max AC Input Voltage 140V / 270V
         Nominal Input Frequency 50Hz / 60Hz (Auto detection)
         Output Voltage Waveform As same as input waveform



      Inverter Mode Specification
      Model  FL-IVP2512-2500VA FL-IVP3524-3500VA FL-IVP5048-5000VA FL-IVP7548-7500VA FL-IVP10048-10000VA
      Output Voltage Waveform

      Pure Sine Wave

      Rated Output Power  2500VA 3500VA 5000VA 7500VA 10000VA
      Nominal Output Voltage  110V-120V / 220V- 240V ± 10%
      Nominal Output Frequency 50Hz / 60Hz ±0.3Hz
      Nominal Efficience 80%
      Capable of starting electric motor 1HP 2HP 3HP
      Nominal DC Input Voltage 12V 24V 48V


      Charge Mode Specification
      Model FL-IVP1512-1500VA FL-IVP3524-3500VA FL-IVP5048-5000VA FL-IVP7548-7500VA FL-IVP10048-10000VA
      MAX Charge Current 35A 30A 40A 50A
      Charge Current Regulation Charge current adjustable: 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%(Optional)
      Battery Type Selection Select the right type of battery to charge (e.g: GEL, AGM, Open lead acid, Sealed lead acid, etc )
      Charge Algorithm Three stage: Boost CC (constant current stage)---Boost CV (constant voltage stage)---Float(contact voltage stage)


      1kw solar grid tie inverter

      We have many certification of our products, CE, SGS, SONCAP, etc.

      Packing And Shipping

         Carton Package

        2.5KVA / 3.5KVA Size: 570*315*300 mm ;

        5KVA  /  7.5KVA  Size: 755*315*300mm

         Bunk Package

         2.5KVA  / 3.5KVA  CBM/CTN: 0.054 CBM ;

         5KVA / 7.5KVA  CBM/CTN: 0.08 CBM

         Loading Container

        2.5KVA / 3.5KVA  : 20'': 510pcs 40'': 1230pcs
        5KVA /  7.5KVA  20'': 370pcs 40'': 920pcs


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