Solar Inverter

      Solar generator system hybrid on-grid solar inverter pure sine wave power inverter


      • Build in AC charger.
      • Build in battery reverse polarity protection.
      • Adjustable charge current and output frequency.
      • RS-232 communication interface.
      • Generator has function of automatic control on and off.
      • Full function LCD and LED display.
      • AC input and output protect switch.
      • Build in battery temperature compensation interface.
      • Automatic AC and PV charger after shutdown.
      • Low frequency high reliable pure sine wave circuit architecture.
      • Optional 8 types of batteries, three-stage intelligent charger

      Model FL-IVPL2512-2500VA       FL-IVPL3524-3500VA FL-IVPL3548-3500VA FL-IVPL5048-5000VA


      Rated Output Power(W)      2500VA / 2000W          3500VA / 3000W      3500VA / 3000W      5000VA / 4000W      7500VA/ 6000W
      Nominal DC Input Voltage                12V                     24V                 48V                 48V                48V
      Charge&Line Mode Specifications
      Nominal Input Voltage 220Vac
      Low Line Disconnect 90Vac±7Vac
      Low Line Re-connect AC Input Range 100Vac±7Vac
      High Line Disconnect 280Vac±7Vac
      High Line Re-connect 270Vac±7Vac
      Output Voltage Waveform as same as input waveform
      Over-Load Protection(SMPS load)                              AC 30A AC 40A
      Output Short Circuit Protection                             AC 30A AC 40A
      Efficiency(Line mode) ≥95% (Rated R load, and battery is full charged)
      Transfer Time (AC to DC) 15ms(typical)
      Transfer Time (DC to AC) 15ms(typical)/ 30s(special)
      Pass Through Without Battery Yes
      Input Overload Current   AC 40A
      Nominal Output Voltage dependent on battery type
      MAX Charge Current                                                                 DC 40A DC50A DC60A
      Charge Current Regulation                           charge current adjustable:0A,10A,20A,30A,40A 0 - 50A 0 - 60A
      Breaker Size dependent on battery type or Self-defined
      Over Charge Protection Yes
      Algorithm AGM
      Self Defined
      Invert Mode Specifications
      Output Voltage Waveform pure sine wave
      Nominal Output Voltage 220Vac ±5%
      Nominal Output Frequency(Hz) 50±0.3Hz/60±0.3Hz ( adjustable )
      Over-load Protection (SMPS) 60s@≥150% load; 120s@105%-150% load
      Surge rating 2* rated power for 5 seconds
      Capable of starting electric Yes
      Output Short Circuit Protection Yes
      Output overload current                                   AC 30A           AC 40A
      Nominal DC Input Voltage               12Vdc                      24Vdc              48Vdc              48Vdc            48Vdc
      Low Battery Alarm 11.5V / 23V / 46Vdc@ load < 50%; 11V / 22V / 44Vdc@ load >= 50%;
      Low Battery Recovery 11.75V / 23.5V / 47Vdc@ load < 50%; 11.5V / 23V / 46Vdc@ load >= 50%;
      Low DC Input Shut-down 10.75V / 21.5V / 43Vdc@ load < 50%;10.5V / 21V / 42Vdc@ load >= 50%;
      High DC input Alarm & Fault 15.75Vdc±0.4V / 31.5Vdc±0.4V / 63Vdc±0.4V
      High DC input Recovery 15.5Vdc±0.4V / 31.0Vdc±0.4V / 62Vdc±0.4V
      Operating Temperature 0℃ to 40℃
      Range Storage temperature -15℃~60℃
      Dimension ( mm)                                                                               426*224*188mm                         598*224*188mm